Where the pillows are filled with 5 dollar bills

Salut mes amis. I miss all of you! I remember in my teeny years I made a new email account by the week. I really wish I could remember some of them, you’d probably get a good laugh, but eventually I settled with cnscheffer in my early 20’s. I say I settled but, that’s really the end of the line with email addresses… you really know you’re finished when it’s exactly what hotmail recommended you name your email in the first place. Well curse me for not learning my lesson: Now I revisit the joy of change! Welcome! Hah, this one is so much better, anyway.

The past 4 months have been a rather seemless continuation of last year. I seemed to have settled into a cozy little nook called EI, where the pillows are filled with 5 dollar bills. And I’m fine with that! I will continue to rest soundly on that sweet, sweet cushion while I dream of things that are just out of reach… Yes EI has it’s limits! But they’ve been a blessing in disguise.

You can’t go to school full time. You can’t leave the country. You can’t work! I might get in shit for saying that. You CAN take night classes. And you should be looking for work. I call it a blessing in disguise because, combined with my general dislike for the conventional educational system, the limits of being on EI have forced me to educate myself and/or find an education that is free. Last year I did an internship with a local designer. I worked for free but I learned everything that they knew! This year I’m doing another internship with another designer and I’m practicing everything I learned last year, as well as learning a whole new set of techniques. Next year I will go to free school (God bless Québec) to learn all of the techniques, in french! On top of that giant sundae there’s a giant cherry, two giant cherries named Meg and Colin! Yay life!

Now, I definitely could have done all that working like a normal person, working 8 hours a day making very healthy living by Montréal standards, but that would be untypical of me. A man in a café once told me that the only luxury in life is time. And so, I present to you, (again), an interwebly encryption of my adventures, heavily influenced by my luxury, which is more or less forced upon me, time.


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