And then they found each other.

As you know I am doing a(nother) fashion internship, keeping myself busy here in Montréal. (I’ve got to start trying a little harder now that Stevie’s gone to Africa. AFRICA.) Last weekend I was at the lookbook photoshoot for Thomas’ new collection. First of all, it was amazing to be a part of that, all those great artists working together, bouncing off each others’ ideas. The mere exposure to this kind of close collaboration (see – Art Nouveau (Part 1)) has got my hampsters running; I can’t WAIT to begin my own adventure with Meg!

The stylists, the photographer, the make-up and hair artists, and of course the designer, they were all so incredibly inspiring to me. Each have really found a niche that is truly unique. And then they found each other. Love.

I can’t wait to see Thomas’ line in the limelight. But for now, here are a few behind-the-scenes photos I snapped at the photoshoot.

Make-up artist Nicolas Blanchet taking it for a spin with Photographer Shayne Laverdière

Fall colours - mustard and grey/blue, and a bit of sparkle.

The beautiful Raphaëlle Savoie.

The designs are really great. They are a great balance between classic and modern, which is something I would strive for too. The colors are also very complimenting (to each other and to the season) – for fall I would have a hard time NOT picking similiar colors, but I think I would be more risqué and try out bolder shades and PATTERNS!

Designer: Natasha Thomas

Photographer: Shayne Laverdière

Make-up Artist: Nicolas Blanchet

Model: Raphaëlle Savoie

Agency: T R U S S T club – Melissa Matos and Andrew Ly

(I didn’t catch the full names of the hair artist and interns, but they were equally as amazing!)


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