Montréal Fashion Week – Défilé TRUSST

This week was 2011’s Montréal Fashion Week; the second one I’ve worked for (last year – Coccolily), but this time I actually got to go! Défilé TRUSST featured Samuel Mercure, by Thomas, and Christian L’Enfant Roi. How lucky was I to be a part of this, the designers were all incredibly talented!

After working so hard on the collection, one remarkable thing was how everything looked so much different on the runway then in the living room mirror, and even from the photoshoot. The craftmanship and the colors, and the design in particular. Thomas really understands what looks good on the runway and what is sellable, and she also really understands how to put the two together. A fine balance, indeed, but I think she’s got it.

Meg (style motif) has heard of Thomas (!!!), and has told me to learn all that I can from them. I had to giggle a little bit because by “them”, well that means Natasha Thomas and …. me! OK me and another intern and other friends of Natasha’s, but basically all of the garments were made in either her living room or mine. It’s just a label, and in Montréal you are your own label, and with a little bit of help from your friends, you can be showcased at Montréal Fashion Week. In this case, the story goes as follows:

Natasha won a POP Montréal fashion contest last year, and a girl named Melissa Matos noticed her talent (I imagine it was the perfect balance of wearable couture). Melissa Matos and Andrew Ly have their own business as an agency here in Montréal called TRUSST club, and they compose shows like the one for Montréal Fashion Week, galleries, they do styling and I’m sure numerous other things. Melissa and Andrew asked Natasha to show her stuff at their MFW show (Défilé TRUSST) that they had either been offered to do, or applied to do, I’m not really sure. She agreed. Then she posted on ad on craigslist for interns and that’s where I come in. Along with her friends, one of which is a seamstress for Cirque du Soleil, we all sew up the new collection that Natasha is more or less creating as we go, in one month. Crazy! She dips into knitwear that she had never tried before. Nailed it. She finds a stretchy gold fabric on sale at Fabricville and makes a maxi dress. Nailed it. She combined polyester and thick wool to make a structured dress. Nailed it. Did I mention we did all this in one month? Nailed it.

I managed to take s’more shots, take a look!

Practice run - Christian L'enfant Roi


I love my job.

After seeing Christian L’Enfant Roi’s collection, I am now a huge fan. I don’t follow much current fashion (especially not menswear) but his designs really blew my mind – it’s so refreshing to see so much detail (like, quantity!) and such a variety of materials in menswear! En fin!

Here is the whole show on livefeed, if you feel up for watching. An important thing I forgot to mention is the MUSIC. All three songs were covered and re-sung by Mekele. Again, when I heard it in the living room I was skeptical, but now hearing it with the spectacle I am a huge, huge fan.

3 Responses to “Montréal Fashion Week – Défilé TRUSST”
  1. Hey Cynthia,

    Thank you so much for your kind comments ! I’m glad you enjoy my blog & thank you for thinking that it is motivation ! I really appreciate it the support !

    I love your blog as well ! Keep it up ! Aim high ! I’ll be reading : ) !

    Hope you enjoyed MFW btw, the shows were amazing !

    take care,
    xo !

  2. Katia says:

    Wow! It’s always interesting to read about what happens behind the scenes, from the moment of conception to the end product on the runway.
    I thought by Thomas was polished and oh so cool. Who would have taught that gorgeous gold maxi dress every girl swooned over, and all these clean-cut pieces were designed in a month’s time! Hats off to you guys. Great job!

    You’ve piqued my curiosity now: what type of work do you do?

    Btw, thank you for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments. Lol! We do have the same theme. Love how different this blog is. Keep it up, I’ll be stopping by on a regular.



  3. cnscheffer says:

    Yeah, it’s crazy!! That dress, the long gold maxi, was definitely an after-thought. Like, oh no… we need another outfit!

    I am a seamstress. I didn’t design anything of hers, obviously, but I did sew quite a few of the pieces. She basically came up with ideas and then we put outfits together based on the key designs. So I actually got to give a lot of creative input. Super cool!

    Yep, I’ll be stopping by too.


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