“My style icon is anyone who makes a bloody effort.”

(Quote by Isabella Blow)

WORN fashion journal originated in Montréal, but has moved to the greener pastures (err…) of Toronto. I recently saw a presentation by the refreshingly witty Serah-Marie McMahon, owner and creator of the so-called “Anti-fashion” magazine.

“Are you insane?! I love fashion!!” She grimaced at the thought.

Amazingly enough, some have actually called it that: Anti-fashion. Just because is doesn’t have 20 pages of Marc Jacobs ads at the very beginning? Does this magazine even have 20 pages to waste on blanket advertising?! No, because it’s filled with information.

The presentation was wildly amusing, Serah-Marie herself being quite the entertainer (whether she intends to or not, I don’t know!). But aside from that, the girl has got her head screwed on straight! She advocates independent printed work (none of this blog balogne), she finds her models in book stores, she still works out of her living room after 5 very successful years, she doesn’t hire a printing company because the average waste is 40-50% no matter what the profit, and she openly rejects the traditional use of advertising, as well as fleeting trends. This makes sense. Why would you pay someone to take pictures of them when there are so many beautiful people walking the streets already. Why would you toss nearly half of the magazines you make just to have a producer. Why would you spend money on something that has pages of stuff that goes out of style?! Her magazine focuses on articles (which anyone can submit, by the way!) that are and always will be interesting. Like how to tie a tie. It’s so genius.

Also, she began all this without any experience. It’s as if she woke up one morning and decided to build a house – by comparison it’s a tremendous feat. And to preserve the morals you began with, too, is another feat altogether! Money can’t buy everything, after all.













There is a really great article in The Globe and Mail: The style bible for ‘fashion nerds’

If you are interested in building/augmenting your magazine collection, I highly suggest this site: Mechanic Exercises. It’s got great reviews on tons of under-known magazines of any category.

2 Responses to ““My style icon is anyone who makes a bloody effort.””
  1. Katia says:

    Thanks for this. The Globe and Mail article was truly insightful.

  2. Isa Kelly says:

    Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am quite impressed! Very helpful info specifically the first part. I care for such info a lot. I was looking for this particular information for a long time. Thank you and good luck.

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