Pay money for your clothes.

Sometimes the best way to shop is to shop … less?

True statement, unfortunately! The saying “quality over quantity” runs true for most things in life. No one wants a flattening iron that is going to burn your hair off. No one wants a toaster that is either off or burn. No one wants to use a toothpaste that also kills dogs (Colgate, you bastards!). But no one wants to pay money for quality clothes! (Vintage and consignment excluded)

Also a true statement, unfortunately. Fortunately though! Big companies are trying to do their part with all this eco-friendly, carbon footprint buzz. H&M and Lanvin have collaborated for a collection called “Waste” to help reduce … waste. I am all for this collaboration! Except one thing; it doesn’t reduce overall production, which I think is the more important step. Here, H&M take the scraps from Lanvin and turn them into mish-mashed beauties. And if you’re into mish-mashing patterns and colours like I am, then you could love this.

To tell you the truth I’m not crazy about the designs. The idea is a good idea, and when you consider what else H&M is doing to consider their impact on the earth (“Conscious Collection” spring 2011), it’s about time a big company has graced us with the notion that they might actually have brains. Or should I say, hearts.

If Levi’s seems more appealing to you, being quite a lifestyle brand on its own, you will be happy to know they have started to do their part too! They have finally launched their WaterLess jeans. Water, the one and only thing life on earth requires. So, save some water and wear them yourself!

RANT WARNING: I think there shouldn’t even be companies like H&M. They kill quality with their cheap knock-offs, no matter how well they do them. If you want a silky camisole, go buy a soft, silky camisole from a boutique who carries mindful brands like Beau Soliel, or Holly McQuillan. If you don’t like the style of eco-friendly, then I implore you to buy quality. It means less were made, and more thought was put into it. You will find that you get what you pay for when you do your homework.

This is the no-waste pattern for a pair of pants and a shirt by Holly McQuillan.


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