The Individualization of Music: why is music making so lonely these days?

The amount of likable music being pumped out these days is amazing. The once simple task of naming your favorite band has become damn near impossible. Now it’s “Who’s your favorite DJ?” or “Who’s your favorite Gorilla?”

The number of music makers is growing exponentially. It’s true: everyone I know who likes to move like I like to move (dancing), makes music. And I have followed suit. But it seems that nowadays the collaboration of musical minds, the driving force behind the infinitely great Thrid Eye Blind, is really being splayed out individually.

Dance Dance Dance was the collaboration of a team, directed by the inside-and-out beautiful Lykke Li. You can multiply the charm of that song by a 1000 right there, because there are a thousand versions. There are a thousand versions made by a thousand individuals and it all adds up to AWESOME.

Do I like remixed music? YES. And it is just as genuine, I might add.

My only quam is, why is it so lonely to make?

The modern music studio.

Are there some questions that have risen to your attention after reading this post?

My favorite Gorilla is Del The Funkee Homosapien.

Yes I AM a huge fan of Third Eye Blind. Always will be.

My favorite remix of Dance Dance Dance is by Buraka Som Sistema. Listen to it here.

Listen to my music here.


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