The Individualization of Music: why is music making so lonely these days?

The amount of likable music being pumped out these days is amazing. The once simple task of naming your favorite band has become damn near impossible. Now it’s “Who’s your favorite DJ?” or “Who’s your favorite Gorilla?” The number of music makers is growing exponentially. It’s true: everyone I know who likes to move like … Continue reading

Montréal Fashion Week – Défilé TRUSST

This week was 2011’s Montréal Fashion Week; the second one I’ve worked for (last year – Coccolily), but this time I actually got to go! Défilé TRUSST featured Samuel Mercure, by Thomas, and Christian L’Enfant Roi. How lucky was I to be a part of this, the designers were all incredibly talented! After working so … Continue reading

And then they found each other.

As you know I am doing a(nother) fashion internship, keeping myself busy here in Montréal. (I’ve got to start trying a little harder now that Stevie’s gone to Africa. AFRICA.) Last weekend I was at the lookbook photoshoot for Thomas’ new collection. First of all, it was amazing to be a part of that, all … Continue reading

Art Nouveau (Part 1)

I’ve been taking a few classes. Along with the usual evening french classes, I’m auditing History of Fibres, History of 20th Century Fashion, and History of Film up to 1959 at Concordia University. Thankfully all the profs have allowed me to sit in, because I’m having a blast! Not only is it great being a … Continue reading

Where the pillows are filled with 5 dollar bills

Salut mes amis. I miss all of you! I remember in my teeny years I made a new email account by the week. I really wish I could remember some of them, you’d probably get a good laugh, but eventually I settled with cnscheffer in my early 20’s. I say I settled but, that’s really … Continue reading